My daughter was spending the weekend in the NorthBay when my Saab 900SE broke down.  We don't live there, so I searched Yelp to find a mechanic.  Did I mention it was a weekend?  Gary was ten minutes from closing when I called, but when I explained my 19 year old daughter was stranded, he agreed to stick around check out the car.  We had it towed in, he examined it & explained he couldn't get the needed part (fuel pump) 'til Monday.  Then Gary stayed with my daughter the hour & a half it took me to get up there, took her to lunch with him (blood sugar is an issue for him, so--late lunch is not a good idea) and ended up comforting the girl & giving her good, sensible advice when her dad berated her over the phone  and left her in tears!  The repair was more reasonably priced than it would have been closer to home (i checked), he explained everything when I picked it up, let me know what kind of repair the car may need in the future, end of story.  Terrific mechanic, great customer service, empathetic psychological therapy for child/parental issues!!
— Rebecca C.
Garry is an excellent mechanic.  Ford, Chevrolet, Mercedes, BMW.  He can fix anything.  A great deal of knowledge, as well as being up to date with current vehicle repair needs and procedures.
—Mike O.
Was up visiting the folks in Santa Rosa, and of course that's when my car started to have issues.  Didn't have any idea where to go, but luckily I chose to go here.  Gary is a super friendly guy, and really knows what he's doing.  Let me know exactly what was wrong with my car and was up front about the pricing.  Everything has been running smoothly ever since.
— Todd J.
Just moved to Santa Rosa and I needed a good mechanic, I went first to one located at Petaluma Hill (don't want to name it) they did a good and quick job but damn was they so expensive!. I had outstanding job to continue to be done: timing belt, water pump and so on, but I did not had the money which was more than 1300 bucks. I took my car to Garry and he did all the timing belt kit for less than 550.00 quick and safe. I will recommend Garry not only because he's a decent guy when it comes to charge you, but he's a professional.
— Louis M.
I have been going to Garry on and off now for almost 5 years. Product is great and service is wonderful. Knows his stuff! Great prices and products!
—Craig H.
Gary is AMAZING!!!! He is so quick and efficent, not to mention his integrity! He is so trustworthy unlike many mechanics, I would never go anywhere else again
— Phelicia H.
I have been going here for 6 years and I always feel confident in the work when I leave.
— Sally M.
Firstly I am from Los Angeles. I have never met Gary face to face, I found him on the web. I asked him to check a car out that I was thinking about flying up there to buy. It was like having a set of eyes up there looking out for me and the buyer at the same time. A thorough professional at all times, he gave me his opinion about the car which was consistent with what the seller told me. At all times he protected me, the seller and himself during the negotiations. All of his estimates were right in line when I checked them out with my local mechanics. Unfortunately for me and seller the deal did not work out. Santa Rosa is a better place with Gary there to service the people.
—Surfer D.